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I believe that a body is the ultimate puzzle. Like a web of Rubik cubes’, they are full of dynamic and integrated variables unique to each individual. I consult with individuals to assess, educate, and optimize these connections, and provide tools to manage them in a personal and practical way.

Consulting is a different process than traditional ‘coaching’ or training. I strongly believe that dynamic and personalized education must be at the forefront in order to create healthy, sustainable bodies. However, instead both the fitness industry and conventional medicine, often use cookie cutter quick-fixes and band-aid approaches. Not only do these fail to look at the individual (yes, you are an unique and dynamic human being!) – but, they neglect to investigate the numerous interactions that influence how the body functions – or doesn’t function. Simply put, when the body is ‘dysfunction’, we don’t look or feel how we want too.

From cellular to social, I work with individuals to assess, identify, explore, and manage the root-cause of dysfunction within their dynamic integrated network. As a consultant, I act as your own health detective and educator. Through a multidisciplinary integrative perspective, I apply your personal innate and unique health story (which includes your medical history, biomarkers, goals, and so on), to academic research and theory, and principles of functional medicine, sport performance and health management. 

In other words, I work with you to figure out if there are any broken, missing or manipulated links within the complex interactions that occur to make your body function, and help you to understand what they are, explore potential reasons for why they became dysfunctional, and how to you can manage them in a way that makes sense for you, your life, body and goals.

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Victoria Felkar